Adaptive Gardening Tools

With the advancing rain/sleet/snow storm on the way, the weather was cool and cloudy with light rain started this morning.  Big John and Larry H. both had outdoor duties including more tidying, pruning and bed preparations.  Myrt, Nancy, Gena and Patty were in for some major painting on our entrance garden pyramids which have A LOT of collective surface area. The ladies always do an excellent job although I’m wary of getting too distracted by the “girl talk” going on which is always interesting albeit disturbing at times….  Janice had some office work to accomplish and I continue to prepare for Spring which is already here if you look at the calendar (not outside the windows).  Bill O. was in to repair some tires and work on other projects and we also saw Mark S., Cindy B., Jenny E. (label work), Dick H., Kay (processed handouts), Maury (errands) and many others today.
The photo above is of Dave Hunt (deceased) and Mary Hunt maintaining their garden space many years ago.  Mary and her daughter Kathy are still very active here but the photo is the introduction to the concept of utilizing more adaptive tools that help us garden as we age.  The ergonomics of many standard garden tools puts significant strain on hands, wrist, arms, elbows, etc.  Tools can be purchased (like those directly below) that minimize strain on the hand and wrist although many existing tools can be actively modified for comfort, minimal strain but still, maximum productivity.  This topic will be part of our July 27th Horticultural Therapy Symposium as we should all consider the benefits of minimizing strain on our aging bodies so we can enjoy gardening as long as possible!  See many examples below.





 The Southeast Wisconsin Master Gardeners have developed an excellent tool collection as part of their Life Long Gardening initiatives and have set up their display (above and most shots below) at RBG for various functions.  What a great asset to see these tools and their importance.












 these devices are neat as they can be a garden seat or kneeling pad!