An Evening of Inspiration

The presentation last night by Tim Gruner (above and below) at the gardens on Patterns in Nature that Inspire Japanese Gardens and the Connection between Garden and Architecture was well received by 40 attendees.  Also in attendance was Dr. Charles Mortensen and his wife.  Dr. Mortensen will be providing a seminar and demonstration at the gardens on Bonsai: Its Art & Philosophy on May 17th.  Don’t miss that one!  Tim came early last night and toured the gardens with some of our Japanese garden volunteers (Stan, Kristin, Cheryl P., Greg and Cheryl D.).  Jim and Layton came a bit later and connected with the group.  The Japanese garden photos in this blog were taken yesterday with some great lighting.  We enjoyed having Tim at the gardens again and some of us will see him next week for a tour of Anderson Japanese Gardens (Rockford, IL) on Wednesday evening at 6 pm.


Today was mostly raining and very chilly.  I had a morning presentation in Beloit, WI followed by a staff meeting so missed much of the action at the Horticulture Center.  Larry O., Larry H., Cindy and I were here as staff and I saw Marv, Terry, Jim, Dave, Vern, Steve J., Maury, Kathy, Eva, Lloyd, Alan and Ron P.  I’m sure there were others that I missed.  The chance of rain looks pretty consistent over the coming days and I heard there was snow further north in Wisconsin today. Yuck!

‘Red Baron’ magnolia (Magnolia hybrida) – woody tree (I had to prop up this heavy bloom!)

redbud (Cercis canadensis) in the background behind this “pagoda” in the Japanese garden

Lavender Twist® weeping redbud (Cercis canadensis ‘Covey’) – woody plant (note the high water!)

seeds (after soaking by Janice) of Indianshot canna (Canna indica) – annual (used as ammunition substitute way back when..check it out!)

the plants are arriving daily!  Larry O. is unloading one of three pallets of plants from Bluebird Nursery (NE) yesterday

magnolia / crabapple combination

‘Amber Moon’ false spirea (Astilbe chinensis) – perennial

purple highlights on ‘Gerald Darby’ iris (Iris x robusta) – perennial