And the Rain Arrives!

I was outside most of today and can comfortably (or uncomfortably!) state that it was one of the most hot and miserable days I’ve ever experienced.  The heat index was around 100 degrees F but the heavy humidity was described as “soupy” by local weather stations. UGH!  Nice shot above of ‘Claude Shride’ Martagon lilies (Lilium martagon) in the woodland walk garden.  Our grounds staff of Alex, Shania, Larry H., Terry, Big John, Cindy and me all had a wide range of sweaty tasks.  Knowing rain was likely, we focused on some reseeding and fertilizing with the hope that Mother Nature would wet things down.  We did some watering but were happy to have the rain arrive in the afternoon. Unfortunately, some of the rains were severe and pounding so we likely have damage and path washouts.  We’ll check all of that tomorrow. Our volunteer crew of Ron R., Derrick, Lloyd, Dr. Gredler, Dick H., Dick P., Vern, Jim, Steve J., Dennis, Steve E., Shirley H., Kathy P., Eva, Donna, Marleen, Mary Kay, Maury and many others toughed it out in the heat.  We also saw Becky, Gary, Scott and many others today as well.  It was a productive day despite the oppressive and damp heat!

‘Golden Guinea’ Martagon lily (Lilium martagon) – perennial

‘Pretty Belinda’ yarrow (Achillea millefolium) with blue globe onion (Allium azureum) – perennials

wine cups (Callirhoe involuctrata) – perennial

Silver Bullet® wormwood (Artemisia stelleriana) – annual