Awesome Spring Flower Show – Olbrich

I had some meetings in Madison on Friday and as always, I stop by Olbrich Botanical Gardens to get my “plant fix”.  I toured the gardens and chatted with some of the grounds folks that I know.  There are plenty of signs of life outside and they are in the midst of the same spring clean up chores that are occurring at RBG.  I noted that their Spring Flower Show was open and was so glad I spent the $3 to pop in and check it out.  It was fabulous with lots of creative “garden interiorscapes” and plenty of both color and fragrance.  It was exceptional and I kept circling the layout to capture more details with every circuit.  I wont go in to too much text as the photos will give you a better idea of the experience.  It’s only open through Sunday, March 26th so I was glad I visited with camera in hand!