A Beautiful Evening – A Productive Day

Last night thirteen participants enjoyed a guided tour of Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, IL.  We started at 6 pm and enjoyed the setting sun and wonderful lighting for photography as we enjoyed the gardens at spring peak!  Thank you to the docents at the gardens as well as Tim Gruner, Director of Horticulture.  Our hosts were very generous with their time and knowledge and we all enjoyed the visit (see photos below).  Nice shot above of ‘Caravelle’ tulip (Tulipa) peaking in front of the Parker Education Center today.

The grounds staff of Cindy B., Larry H., Larry O. and myself all had a busy day.  Cindy planted lots of pansies, tidied and watered our increasing number of plants that have arrived for the grounds and also the Spring Plant Sale (Mother’s Day weekend).  Larry H. worked on a couple projects but primarily spread a whole lot of compost in the entrance garden.  Larry O. weedwhipped, mowed and had some other projects.  I was out with some early herbicide to address some problem areas and continue to prepare for our looming plant sale and other events.

‘Roi du Midi’ tulip (Tulipa)

‘Picture’ tulip (Tulipa)

‘Flashback’ tulip (Tulipa)

‘New Design’ tulip (Tulipa)

‘Marit’ tulip (Tulipa)

‘Avignon Parrot’ tulip (Tulipa)

Above (left to right) are Eva, Liz and Debbie.  The ladies were preparing some beds at the Horticulture Center for a pending expansion of our perennial trials this year.  Debbie worked with Shirley H. in the fern & moss garden on some weeding earlier in the morning.  Lloyd and Bob K. helped prepare the yard for our Spring Plant Sale which included moving a lot of tables around and other hefty tasks.  Bob C. was out tidying paths and both Dr. Gredler and Rollie did their mowing.  Vern, Dave, Jim, Ron Y. and Steve all had more carpentry projects including making more critters for our Giant Aquarium display.  Ron P. continues to repair and process lights for the Holiday Light Show (HLS).  Alan M. did a great job painting our English cottage garden gate and the eight large posts of the gazebo.  Gary was in to work on some labels and Peg continued her plant label inventories and repairs.  Dick H. ran to the dump five times today and Maury made a gas run for us.  We also saw Phil, Mark S. and many others today.

Alan M. (above)

vinca vine (Vinca major) – perennial

grafted peashrub (Caragana arborescens) – above and below – woody shrub

variegated wayfaringtree viburnum (Viburnum lantana ‘Variegata’) – woody shrub

‘Pleniflora’ Japanese kerria (Kerria japonica) – woody shrub

The photo above and all of those below are from our tour of Anderson Japanese Gardens last evening.  This 12 acre garden has been consistently ranked the best Japanese garden in the Northern hemisphere!  Go visit.