Blistering Day

The day started out bearably warm but became quite stifling very quickly with temperatures reaching over 90 degree F!  While it was a productive morning, those remaining in the afternoon (mostly grounds staff) focused on watering duties.  In fact, that was the order of the day for our grounds staff of Big John, Cindy, Trevor, Larry O. and me.  There was some planting and other tasks occurring but everyone had their share of watering and that will continue through the week until some rain hopefully materializes.  We are about 75% planted thus far which is a record for June 12th although there is plenty more to install over the coming weeks.  We can’t let our new plantings dry out obviously so supplemental watering is our priority.  Nice shot above of ‘Queen of Denmark’ rose (Rosa) with a nice scent!

China Snow® Peking lilac (Syringa pekinensis ‘Morton’) – woody tree

‘Orange Marmalade’ hybrid lily (Lilium hybrida) – perennial

‘Claude Shride’ Martagon lily (Lilium martagon) – perennial

Our volunteers did a great job today and came in despite the quick warming outside and stifling heat which arrived by mid morning!  Eva and Kathy (above) did a nice job weeding in the woodland walk garden.  Steve E. and Derrick worked on tidying up after some major stump grinding (Friday) in the arboretum while Josef and Garrett also helped with this project but moved on to mulching and shifting plants around in our yard (for ease of watering!) as well.  Bob C. and Ron R. were out tidying up paths while both Dr. Gredler and Rollie did their mowing rounds.  Dick H. ran to the dump when he wasn’t helping others and Jim, Steve J., Dave T. and Ron Y. worked on various carpentry projects.  Ron P. continued to repair lights for the Holiday Light Show (HLS) and Vern popped by later.  Alan and Bob K. did a great job clearing bulb debris and weeds from our east border while Cheryl P., Greg P., Kristin and Stan all did an excellent job in the Japanese garden.  Maury cleaned up his water features and ran some errands.  Marv tidied up his moss gardens, Shirley H. planted and Kay tidied up her area as well.  Gary worked on checking over our laser engraver (for labels) which is having some issues.  Don and Pearl planted their assigned garden area and we also saw Peg (labels), Barb (Giant Aquarium), Becky, Phil and many others.

Steve J. (left) and Jim D. worked on replacing some decking boards on the observation pier

Josef (left) and Garrett were buddies today and accomplished a lot

Don and Pearl did a great job planting their assigned garden area today in the heat

Shirley H. doing some plantin’ today

Marcia L. with a bird’s eye view of her English cottage garden!

Marv coming back from maintaining his moss garden areas

Kay (above) keeps her area exceptionally tidy in the shade garden

‘Sun King’ Japanese spikenard (Aralia cordata) – perennial

‘Obsidian’ coral bells (Heuchera) – perennial

‘Sarastro’ bellflower (Campanula hybrida) – perennial

Scarlet Beauty™ sweetspire (Itea virginica ‘Morton’) smelling fragrant – woody shrub

‘Solar Eclipse’ variegated Japanese tree lilac (Syringa reticulata) – woody tree (in back)

variegated fiveleaf aralia (Eleutherococcus sieboldianus ‘Variegatus’) – woody shrub