Bold Color Abounds


Today was gorgeous with partly sunny skies and a temperature around 70 degrees F.  It would be nice to have similar weather for the Spring Plant Sale this Mother’s Day Weekend as well!  The Bower City Garden Club hosted their annual luncheon and it was nice to have the tulips (Tulipa) out front blooming at peak for their event.  They had some neat vendors set up in the Parker Education Center as well as part of this neat event.  Above are just some of the many selection of herbs that we arranged for the sale today.  The sale will also include a wide range of perennials for sun and shade, vegetables, shrubs, compost, pansies, daylily divisions from the gardens and much more!  Many of us spent some time in the plant sale area today and we have lots of volunteers coming in over the next two days to help organize, tag and price over 30,000 plants!


Eva and Kay were out doing lots of weeding and tidying while Dr. Gredler did some mowing and painting.  Brian helped organize the plant sale today including the nice set-up of herbs seen above!  He was a HUGE help for sure and helped unload our trailer of plants too.  Bob and Bev D. were working on preparing signage with our Garden Art Project Hummingbirds (which look awesome by the way!).  Dick H. ran to the dump and repaired one of our vehicles while we also saw Maury, Dr. Yahr, Vern and many others today.

Terry and Cindy took a road trip to pick up our basils (Ocimum), eggplants (Solanum melongena) and other goodies from one of our growers.  This almost completes the “offerings” for our Spring Plant Sale although we have one more small delivery on Thursday morning.  Cindy also freshened up the cutting display, watered the entire yard and greenhouses and was a big help out in the sale as we prepare for tagging and pricing over the next couple of days.  Janice was also in to work on the sale and spent significant time organizing signage for our vast assortment of delightful shrubberies.  Big John rototilled and worked with Terry on planting trees and shrubs, hauling out benches and a wide range of other tasks.  Larry H. was a mulching and composting demon and I have never seen a single person sling and spread so much mulch and compost in such a short amount of time!  I was out in the plant sale most of the day but was able to snap a couple of shots as seen below….Hope to see folks this weekend at the Spring Plant Sale!


Cool, three-tiered planter build by our carpenters (seen above).  Janice just did a heavy sowing of lettuces (Lactuca) in this planter and will feature a transition of vegetables in this planter throughout the growing season


redbud (Cercis canadensis) in bloom above in the Japanese garden


‘Royal Acres’ tulip (Tulipa) above


‘Sensual Touch’ tulip (Tulipa) above


‘Fire Wings’ tulip (Tulipa) above


‘Foxtrot’ tulip (Tulipa) above


‘Rialto’ tulip (Tulipa) above


‘Marilyn’ tulip (Tulipa) above


Judd viburnum (Viburnum x juddii) in fragrant bloom – woody shrub


Lotus Moon™ pearlbush (Exochorda x macrantha ‘Bailmoon’) in bloom above – woody shrub


‘Valerie Finnis’ grape hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum) – spring bulb (perennial)


corn-leaf iris (Iris bucharica) above – also called Juno iris – perennial


Maryam (Volunteer/Membership Coordinator) amongst the tulips today!