Boston – Day 3

I’m happy to get home today although I took advantage of the third day at the New England Grows green industry event this morning.  I snapped some photos from my hotel (Boston Westin – Waterfront) which featured some neat interior plants and vertical wall planters.  The wall planter above included not only house plants but poinsettias too!   I was told by the event organizer that they might be on track for a record crowd over these past three days.  The weather was sunny and is headed for 50 degrees F today as it is back home too I believe.
 these little planting “nooks” in the hotel were cool too


 the landscape around the hotel included lots of mums, kale (Brassica) and other plants and this planter above was a nice touch


 this giant steel “Allium” was really neat but I’m not sure it would fit in my carry on luggage at 9′ tall…that flower diameter is over 3′ wide!


 I never heard of “tick tubes” which in essence rely on mice to carry the product underground (impregnated on cotton balls) where ticks are then attracted and are killed by the chemical (doesn’t harm the mice which use the cotton as bedding)…interesting



I saw a lot of awesome tools too and am always looking for new ideas