Calm Before the Storm

As can be seen in many of these photos…we had a great volunteer turnout this morning and the weather was beautiful although quite warm by the afternooh.  Above (left to right) are Eva, Kathy P., Suzy and Vera all planting out in the gardens.  I hope we do get some rain Friday to be honest as that puts us in a good position for the weekend.  However, it’s “out of our hands” as they say!  Our grounds staff of Cindy B., Janice, Larry H., Bobby K., Shania and Alex all had a very busy day.  Our volunteers today included the four ladies above plus Cathy E., the Chestnut House volunteers, Sandi, Terri, Jim, Ron Y., Ron R., Alan, Bob K., Dr. Gredler, Dr. Mike P., Dr. Thomas K., Kathy P. (#2!), Mary H., Steve, Dick H., Maury, Greg, Cheryl, Barb, Marcia, Mirjam, Bill O. and many more!  If was a busy day with lots of planting, tidying and general gardening work and improvements.

Marcia L. (above left) and Mirjam in the English cottage garden this morning

Jim, Dave and Ron Y. (left to right) working on a new top for the Japanese garden fence

Mary H. (left) with Kathy P. (above)

Sandi (left) and Terri planting away (above)

Firefighter Cathy E. (above) with her beautiful Garden Art Project

Dr. Tom K. (above)

I also made my annual trek up to The Flower Factory (Stoughton, WI) and picked up a large load of perennials that I ordered for the gardens.  It was nice to catch up with Nancy and David, the owners of The Flower Factory.  I did a quick tour and noted some fun plants (seen below…)

cool stonecrop (Sedum sp.) troughs

I always loved the planted roof on this little shed (above)

‘Red Feathers’ echium (Echium amoenum) – perennial

‘Trehane’ broadleaf speedwell (Veronica teucrium) – perennial

they always have a great hosta assortment to sift through!

cFashionably Early Crystal garden phlox (Phlox paniculata) – perennial

‘Early Crystal’ garden phlox (Phlox paniculata) – perennial

‘All Gold’ Hakone grass (Hakonechloa macra) – perennial grass


the classic “blue bottle tree” at The Flower Factory