Post by Guest Blogger Dale Sievert There is often a silver lining surrounding a dark cloud.  There were lots of clouds in Spring 2008, of course, made of water, and a lot of that fell on Rotary Gardens.  So much that it flooded parts of the Japanese garden, including the moss gardens on either side, Read More

Post by Janice Peterson I’ve never been a collector. At least not until the day I entered a consignment shop and saw my first lady head vase. I was charmed by the 1940’s look of this lovely ceramic Mae West look-alike, complete with a hole in the top of her head! It was that day, Read More

Post by Pam Glogowski Our annual Spring Symposium, Edible Landscaping,  will be held here at Rotary Botanical Gardens on Saturday, March 18, 2017 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  We invite you to join us as we learn to incorporate edible plants into our home landscapes.  Speakers include author and landscape designer Rosalind Creasy, Chicago, Read More

Post by Patrea Wilson Rotary Botanical Gardens’ heirloom collection is a specialty garden featured in 2016 and 2017. It presents over 100 varieties of plants that were cultivated in American gardens in the 19th century, an important era that provided the basis for much of today’s modern gardening. Rotary Botanical Gardens’ Heirloom Garden in, Read More

Post by Janice Peterson I always encourage gardeners to try to use the scientific name for plants rather than the common name. There is good reason for this. A common name might be used for several different plants. For instance, when someone talks about their snowball plant they could be referring to Viburnum macrocephalum,, Read More

Post by Pam Glogowski This blog post will follow the theme of over-wintering favorite plants that I started in my January 17, 2017 post about plectranthus.   Like most gardeners, I’ve collected some wonderful tender specimen plants over the years, and because I can’t bear to part with them I bring them in the house for the winter. , Read More

Post by Patrea Wilson Here’s your January garden blog quiz: What do the following photos have in common? You’re right, if you answered that each photo shows an heirloom! The old glass vase is not worth much as an antique, but it means a lot to me. It is the last one that remains from, Read More

Post by Janice Peterson I’m often asked what happens at the RBG Horticulture Center in the winter. Well, it’s a lot of planning and a lot of seed ordering! I’m fortunate to have the task of choosing the vegetables for the Spring Plant Sale (May 11-14, see Rotary Botanical Gardens website for details).  I spend, Read More

Post by Pam Glogowski Welcome to the new Rotary Botanical Gardens (RBG) Education Blog! This blog will feature weekly posts by three employees of the Gardens: Pam Glogowski, Janice Peterson, and Patrea Wilson (all trained Master Gardeners). More information on these three ladies is included at the end of this post. Future blog posts will feature, Read More