Dixter Diary – Day 1

Well.  I’m finally at Great Dixter and was fortunate to be able to take some photos out in the gardens right away after dropping off my luggage.  It has been an epic journey thus far to be sure.  My plane that was supposed to depart O’Hare Monday night at 6 pm was deemed unsafe to fly by 9 pm after being looked at extensively (that’s comforting!).  They brought out another plane from the hangar and that one was ready to go by 11:45 pm that same night!  I was able to coordinate my pick-up by Catherine from Great Dixter although there was very little margin for error with arrival, customs, luggage and catching a bus.  It all worked out well.  As I type, I’m getting settled in the house seen in these photos along with four other students and I’ve met quite a few people already. I’m not sure what all the gardens here are named but looking forward to the experience.  Enjoy the beauty with more to follow!  I start my new job tomorrow at 8 am sharp!