Dixter Diary – Day 15

Today was another excellent one for both weather and involvement out in the gardens.  I can’t stop photographing this Sunk Garden above as it has become my favorite (particularly in the morning).  I’ve been religious about going out an hour before work to take photos and also will meander through for an hour after work.  I’m catching the best lighting for sure.  I continue to become more comfortable here and the staff is excellent in terms of answering questions and training.  They are a fun group and all have a strong affection for this special place.  Great Dixter is hosting a big Plant Fair this weekend which should be interesting as some of the nursery folks are coming from other countries too!

 I’m not sure if above is a snail (like below) or slug but they both were slow moving targets for the camera!


 St. John’s Wort (Hypericum sp.)
 there are many roses (Rosa) including some very tall “climbers” like ‘Mc Cartney’ seen here
 dahlias above (‘Karma Choc’) and below ‘Mary Keen’


 seed heads are frequently left out in the gardens for architectural interest (and perhaps collecting)
 we worked on tidying up this wheelbarrow path which was overgrown with turf
Siew Lee (center) and I worked on re-arranging many of the pots in this vast display (Wall Garden)
 I worked with Kate (below left) and Emagin on making more soil for the nursery which follows a specific formula and approach


 just like baking a cake
 Above is Thies on top of a growing pile of compost (reached by a ladder on the side!)
I was collecting debris under this massive English oak (Quercus robur) today
 unknown geranium above and fern below


 red marigolds (Tagetes) with ‘Monch’ asters
 love both the flowers and seed heads of this Clematis (tangutica type)
 perennial aster (Aster ‘Marina Wolkonsky’)
unknown dahlia (Dahlia sp.)
Great Dixter home in the late afternoon