Dixter Diary – Day 18

Many of our preparations today involved getting ready for the big Plant Fair.  Above and below are some neat decorations for the Great Dixter booth (nice job Cornelia!) which will be one of many represented.  Fergus took me around to see some of the booths and I was amazed at the variety of plants.  There are nursery folks from England, Scotland, Austria, France, Netherlands, Germany, etc….  I met many of them at a gathering tonight.  We didn’t neglect our gardening duties today though as it will also be a busy weekend out in the gardens.  I’m helping both days at the Plant Fair as a parking “facilitator” which should be interesting!  Regardless, the weather looks good for an excellent event this weekend.
Great Dixter booth above and the two photos below which also show some neat woodworking projects made “in house”



the layout is solid for the Plant Fair above and Fergus (center below) is on top of the details!


strawflower (Helichrysum sp.) decorations (above) adorn the booth seen below with Rachel


Dino Pellizzaro (France) to the left with Fergus Garrett. Dino offered me French wine this afternoon which I couldn’t refuse!  Fergus is seen below showing Caroline (Germany) some signage needs


some booth set ups can be seen above and below


Sunk Garden with surrounding Barn Garden continue to entrance me
ironweed (Vernonia crinita) starting to bloom here – I think I’m right on the ID


you can’t go wrong with “dewy” asters


‘Bulls’ Blood’ beet (Beta vulgaris)
Viburnum davidii
Aster ‘Alma Potschke’ looking nice above – perennial
I potted these seedlings (Echium vulgare ‘Blue Bedder’) up today
Fergus can be seen above showing us what to transplant next and below are some of the finished product


Jana and Thies…note how Jana is done and Thies still working…


Hayden (left) helping haul some of Simon’s (seen to the right) carpentry creations to the Plant Fair
bold chimneys on the main house