Dixter Diary – Day 19

The fog was heavy this morning at Great Dixter but it didn’t affect the momentum for pre Plant Fair arrangements.  I did get through the gardens this morning and captured some excellent photos and particularly love this spider web below.  The fog held on until about 12 noon and then the sun arrived and the skies cleared for the afternoon.  It was a flurry of activity this morning with more vendors arriving, Great Dixter staff and volunteer involved with tasks and that jolt of pre-event adrenaline (and coffee!).  I helped with car parking and was actually quite excellent to be honest.  The only “selfie” you’ll see of me is further below.  Fergus helped with the car parking as did many volunteers which included Great Dixter staff, volunteers, past students and many others.  It was a fun “family feel” to the day and I really enjoyed the Plant Fair (see below) which really had a fun “vibe”.  I saw some amazing plants and it’s frustrating that getting them home is more work than I care to take on at this point.  However, tomorrow should be great as well and I’ll have an afternoon shift with car parking and as a veteran of this process…shouldn’t have any problems.  It was nice seeing the Great Dixter Booth (at the Plant Fair), the Great Dixter Nursery and the Cafe all have excellent business.  The gardens were absolutely jammed today with lots of positive comments (of course!) about the gardens.







 the Plant Fair awakens early before visitors start arriving



 Maria had the grill going early (I had an excellent veggie sausage sandwich)
 Jonny (above) hauling bales of straw…
 Michael above
 foggy Plant Fair had a Medieval “feel” this morning
 Andrew above (one of many Great Dixter volunteers)
my only “selfie” above
 the car parking went smoothly today
 Enjoy these photos of the Plant Fair which included periodic presentations, food and lots of networking!




 Simon above (of Great Dixter) working on some carpentry
 Yuko above working the food station
 It was nice to see the Great Dixter Nursery busy as well!