Dixter Diary – Day 2

I had a spectacular day today.  Fergus Garrett, Head Gardener at Great Dixter (www.greatdixter.co.uk) asked me and some other students if we wanted to go to the RHS Garden – Wisley (www.rhs.org.uk/gardens/wisley) today as he had a meeting there.  This was on my “must see” list and I was honored to go on the trip along with other students Susan (USA) and Thiech (Netherlands).  We enjoyed talking with Fergus on the trip both to and from Wisley.  Susan and Thiech have been so helpful, along with Great Dixter staff, in getting me situated and comfortably settled.  I probably met 20 people today!  We had three hours to explore at Wisley while Fergus attended his meeting and we covered most of the gardens in an intermittent drizzle.  It was fabulous in both color and scale and I think I took another 800 or so photographs with only a few featured further below… Upon arrival back at Great Dixter, we helped clean and sort bulbs for the gardens although they have many packaged up already for their annual Great Dixter Plant Fair on the first weekend in October.  I look forward to seeing this event as well.
At the end of the work day, I took another hour tour around the gardens and took my best photos so far (featured at the bottom).  It’s truly a horticultural paradise and I’m seeing plants and combinations I missed last night and with my morning walk today. I’m committed to photography every morning and early evening and ran in to Carol, a Great Dixter volunteer and excellent photographer, who showed me some great shots in various locations.  The people here are so kind and accommodating and I look forward to Day 3 and more!  I’ve already said “Bloody Hell” twice now…! 🙂


Thiech and Susan next to Gunnera manicota


 European beech bonsai


 neat “cake of flowers” remnant from their flower show last week





Wisley above…Great Dixter below…

The room I’m staying in has the two windows seen in the upper left just below the roof line and facing this border.  What a fabulous view.  I so enjoy the garden and while I miss my wife and two daughters, my plant lust is being satiated quite nicely right now.  More to follow tomorrow!