Dixter Diary – Day 20

The second day of the Plant Fair was another success with plenty of attendees on another beautiful day.  While it wasn’t quite as busy as yesterday, both the Plant Fair and gardens had lots of people throughout the day.  I did another “parking duty” shift and toured both the gardens and fair many times throughout the day.  Most of the vendors will head home tonight with some departing tomorrow.  We’ll have plenty of work this week in terms of tidying up that area but I would call it a great success and I was pleased to participate and enjoy the event.  Tomorrow it’s back to gardening!  Below are some of the Plant Fair folks that helped out and some of my images from my dew-laden stroll this morning.

 Maggie above
 Maggie Tran above…her blog while at Great Dixter was a great read and inspiration for this blog
 tired pup (I sure miss my dogs!)
 no shortage of excellent vendors to visit today


 Aaron (Great Dixter) leading the parking crew
 Nell (from the Chelsea Physic Garden – helping out selling cakes and refreshments)
 Derry Watkins (American) of Special Plants (one of the vendors)
Hayden (above) did a great job filming all the educational sessions



On my morning walk this morning, I got a closer look at this fabulous border (above) on the far end of the Vegetable Garden.  I found this to be one of my favorite borders and my daily strolls continue to unveil more combinations, exciting plants and even some repeat shots that I can’t ignore.  See below as well for some of that Great Dixter magic.  I’ve run in to Carol many mornings now photographing out in the gardens and she worked the Plant Fair the entire day as well!


 ‘Dewey Blue’ dune grass (Panicum amarum) – perennial


 I enjoy these “yew archways” and how they beckon you in to a space