Earth Day – 2017

The Earth Day celebration at Rotary Botanical Gardens today was a huge success.  I wasn’t there the entire day but I saw a full parking lot (and much beyond!), lots of families and the gardens had lots of visitors meandering through.  Special thanks to our volunteers (like Flannery and Dylan seen above) and all the participating organizations and businesses that helped make this day a success.  The RBG staff did a great job keeping everything organized.  While the Parker Education Center and gardens were filled with guests, the Compost & Pansy Sale (8 am – 12 noon, continues every Saturday!) was busy over at the Horticulture Center.



‘Valerie Finnis’ grape hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum)

serviceberry (Amelanchier lamarckii) – woody tree

‘Albert Heijn’ tulip (Tulipa)

Tulipa tarda

yellow anemone (Anemone ranunculoides) – perennial