HLS – Poised and Ready…


All of these images of our 2016 Holiday Light Show (HLS) were taken last night (November 30th).  There was a private event last night which utilized the show and I used this as another “pseudo” test night to check things over.  We’ve ironed out the problems and despite some drizzle, the HLS stayed on and looked great!  We are poised and ready for the opening of the show on Friday, December 9th.  See our website for event details including important information on pre-purchasing tickets and some excellent parking advice.  Our trailwalkers (Jim, Carol, Mary, Alan and Frank) did a great job last night and our guests seemed to enjoy the experience.  Some light snow would add to the effect although we don’t want too much!  On Tuesday night, we had a drone film the show and you can see a neat, 1 minute clip at https://youtu.be/R8Udv3KfDlw.  I’m not sure how to make this a direct link so “cut and paste” this in to your browser and enjoy!

Today was our last official gardening day for the year although we’ll continue to tidy up the HLS route and prune as time allows.  Alan, Bob K. and Kathy were all out tidying up and working on other projects.  Urban was in for some pruning.  Dick H. made some runs to the dump and helped inside.  Vern, Jim, Marv, Steve and Ron Y. were all working on our new gazebo railings (priming) while Ron P. finished working on repairing lights.  Gene assembled some spotlights for our HLS.  Gary and Maury both ran errands while Dr. Gredler planted and did some December mowing to touch up our frontage turf along Palmer Drive.  We also saw Terry, Becky and many others today.  Our grounds staff of Cindy, Larry O. and Bob K. all put the finishing touches on the HLS.  I’m shifting to 2017 preparations immediately as Spring is only four short months (hopefully) away!  These images don’t do the HLS justice…come see for yourself!

img_7374 img_7376 img_7384 img_7390 img_7393 img_7399 img_7403 img_7404