HLS Sneak Peak


We had a test night for the Holiday Light Show (HLS) this evening and it went great!  We were tweaking the show through the entire day with the help of John, Larry H., Cindy, Larry O. and Bobby K.  The test went well and we invite media representatives to this event as well.  We had visits from NBC 15 and the Janesville Gazette and look forward to more exposure for this event before it opens to the public on Friday, December 9th.  The photo above looks like there is snow on the ground.  That is the fine powder from all the cutting that occurred on our newly finished flagstone walkway.  The rain later tonight should clean things up nicely.  We had a great test and will continue to tweak the show tomorrow as well.  Some staff and volunteers helped locate some repairs for later attention.  Here are a couple of my semi-fuzzy shots from tonight.  Check out the dates for the HLS on our website and start spreading the news about this popular fundraiser.  We still need plenty of volunteer assistance as well!

img_7310 img_7316 img_7317 img_7320 img_7327 img_7332 img_7346 img_7269

Cindy (above) did a superb job finishing the two containers (seen below too) in the English cottage garden with materials found throughout the gardens.  Cindy also worked on some HLS tasks.  Larry O., Larry H., Big John and Bobby K. all had a full day of HLS tasks as we continued to make some adjustments and prepare the final route of the show.  I was involved with lots of troubleshooting today as well.  Our excellent volunteers today included Kathy, Eva, Alan, Marsha M., Steve, Vicki, Maury, Dick H., Bill O. and a couple of others.  As we head in to “winter hibernation”, we’ll have plenty of indoor action and will start pulling the HLS back in for storage in five short weeks!  Further below are some additional photos from today.

img_7292 img_7293 img_7271

Larry H. in the “Selfie Stop” he developed!


Eva (left) and Kathy behind bars again!


winter look for ‘All Gold’ Hakone grass (Hakonechloa macra) – perennial


late fall color on American beech (Fagus grandifolia) – woody tree


‘Dale’s Strain’ coral bells (Heuchera) – perennial


the common witchhazel (Hamamelis virginiana) continues to bloom – large shrub


‘Glamour Red’ kale (Brassica oleracea) – annual


the interior decorations for the HLS are looking great too!