HLS Testing


This is one of the few times I’ll only have one photo in the blog but I lacked the time today for more traditional photography.  Much of my efforts, along with many others, was tweaking the Holiday Light Show (HLS).  The vast majority of the show has been set-up over the last 12 weeks so we simply turned everything on today and went around to see what still needed to be plugged in, adjusted, tweaked and otherwise readied for a test tonight (see above).  I was pleased with the results and we’ll continue to put the finishing touches on the HLS route.  Big John, Cindy, Bobby K., Larry H., Larry O. and I all worked on the HLS throughout the day and will continue tomorrow as well.

While staff focused on HLS-related tasks, our volunteers did a great job with our continued gardening needs.  Eva, Kathy, Alan and Bob K. all worked on clean-up duties which included collecting drifts of leaves and twigs that had accumulated over the windy weekend.  Ron Y., Dave, Vern and Jim all worked on carpentry projects.  Peg worked on our plant records while Steve and Vicki continued to help decorate for the HLS.  Dick H., Dr. Gredler, Maury and many others had tasks as well.  We also saw Gary, Becky, Dr. Yahr, Maryam and many others.