Horticultural Therapy & You!


Our Horticultural Therapy Symposium went very well today.  We had about 50 attendees (above) enjoy a wide range of lectures, demonstrations and break out sessions as well.  While it was hot out in the gardens, attendees had time to explore and it was amazing how many folks had not yet been to the gardens.  I mentioned that they were catching it at summer peak and we saw plenty of other visitors as well.  Thanks to our presenters: Dr. Ferrinne Spector, Mike Maddox, Dr. Tom McCoy (below), Dr. Darcie Olson, Patty Bailey and Tibi Light.  Art did a great job with his cart tours and our Horticulture Therapy Committee (Karen, Elaine, Sharon, Cindy, Mike, Dr. McCoy, Janice, Darcie and Art) were all very helpful.  Thanks to Polly, Mark S. and Gary for helping out as well.


Our grounds crew (Big John, Terry, Larry H. and Nolan) all had watering and other duties.  Cindy put in some gardening even before the symposium!  With my day absorbed by the seminar, I didn’t see all the volunteers but know that Larry O., Hayden, Sutton, Vicki, Steve, Kathy, Eva, Alan and Kay were in for a wide range of tidying efforts and some watering.  I’m sure we had some additional help as well.  All in all, a good day.  Despite all of our recent precipitation, I hope some of the possible rain over the next three days materializes!


Dr. Tom (above) giving a talk about tools and techniques (below)



Patty (above) before her terrarium class


Darcie (above) talked about adaptations for gardening and showcased her PVC garden walker


the adaptive tool display (Southeast Wisconsin Master Gardener Association) was awesome


Always nice to have Mike Maddox (above) back in town