Jurassic Rex Begonias

With the Wisconsin Public Television Garden Expo this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I forgot to post this blog on Friday morning!  The Expo went great and I’ll blog about that later today but wanted to share these awesome Rex begonias that came out on the market these past couple of years. Bred at Plantsmith Nursery (Oregon), these five selections are bold and colorful.  Ideally suited for part shade with ample moisture, these begonias will also thrive in a container.  Note the photos of their use in a vertical walls (pouches) at the Ball Seed Trial Garden in West Chicago, IL.  This blog is short of text but ample on color I would say!

 Begonia rex-cultorum ‘Jurassic Green Streak’ (two above and two below)


 Begonia rex-cultorum ‘Jurassic Pink Shades’ (above and below)
Begonia rex-cultorum ‘Jurassic Silver Point’ (above and two below)



 Begonia rex-cultorum ‘Jurassic Silver Swirl’ (above and below)


 Begonia rex-cultorum ‘Jurassic Watermelon’ (above and below)





neat vertical wall (planting “pouches”) at the Ball Seed Trial Gardens (West Chicago, IL)