Momentum Builds!

This past Saturday we had our Volunteer Fair (9 am – 12 noon) at the Parker Education Center.  We had some interest from potential volunteers and also had some existing volunteers come in to check out some of the other opportunities.  Flannery and Dylan (above) and Pat S. (below) were three of our volunteers representing certain “categories” of volunteerism.  Thanks also to Ron R., Barb S. and Joe B. for helping out as well.  Becky and Marcia L. did a nice job getting everything arranged and ready. The lecture on lawns (Dr. Doug Soldat, UW-Madison) at noon had a decent crowd of 20 and the topic was excellent.  Check out our website for more information on future lectures, symposia and special events coming up soon! The season is upon us.

Today was partly sunny and while still cool, the hint of spring was in there air and seen with some of our earliest of blooms.  Grounds staff today included Larry H., Janice P., Larry O., Bobby K. and myself.  I was able to get around the gardens and chart out a plan of attack for spring clean-up efforts.  We also had a nice volunteer turnout.  Our gardening volunteers today included Kathy P., Ron R., Bob C. and Steve E.  Carpenters included Dave, Vern, Ron Y., Steve J., Firefighter Cathy and Jim.  Del was in to help as was Dick H.  Dr. Gredler continued with painting, Maury ran errands and Kay was in to peel labels.  Peg came in to work on labels while Mary Kay updated the reference library.  We also saw Mark S., Zorro and many others today.

We had 20 attendees at the lecture on lawns (Saturday) by Dr. Doug Soldat (standing below…)

the moss is looking green throughout the gardens

paper birch (Betula papyrifera) – woody tree

winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis) is starting to bloom strongly throughout the gardens

Ron R. is back in action (above)

Kathy P. (above)

Virginia bluebells (Mertensia virginica) are emerging quickly – perennial (above)

snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) are still looking great (above and below)

Dennis (above) doing a great job clearing undesirable underbrush

our pruning season is ending soon but this is one of many piles generated this winter

prairie burn (below) with interesting pile of burnt golf balls above!

Dave, Jim (driving) and Firefighter Cathy (right)