More White Stuff

After a couple hours of shoveling snow this morning (thankfully light and fluffy!), I’m back to ordering seeds.  Above are some of the seeds coming in (check out Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds if you haven’t yet!) including many for our Spring Plant Sale on Mother’s Day weekend.  As I order seeds, everything goes in a spreadsheet (seen below) that also shows seed source and that  column E will help us out when the plants come back and we can sort them by collection.  I continue to frantically order seeds and plants for spring which really isn’t that far away.  Larry H., Big John and Terry were in as well for snow removal and Holiday Light Show (HLS) related work.  Bobby K. was also in later.

We had a solid volunteer turnout with Alan and Marv painting.  Cathy E. (along with Zorro and Mocha!) and Barb continue to work on various projects and Kathy P. was in for some work as well.  Our carpenters of Ron Y., Dave, Vern and Jim had plenty to do and we also saw Laura and Rollie.  Dick H. did a nice job plowing our parking lot at the Horticulture Center too.  Our Horticulture Therapy Committee (Darcie, Karen, Dr. Tom, Sheri, Laura and myself) also met to plan for some programs and our Horticultural Therapy Symposium on August 6th this year.

our paint colors for 2019 aren’t conservative to be sure!

the Holiday Light Show (HLS) continues to come down efficiently as weather allows

fun Thank You card to the gardens from this group of kids in Jefferson, WI that are caring for tropical plants that we gave them last fall….they hopefully will use these in their summer school gardens (the Jefferson County Master Gardeners do a wonderful job with offering gardening opportunities for youth!)