New Coleus For Consideration

Today was overcast but quite mild and near 50 degrees F.  It looks like we’ll have another stretch of mild weather.  I don’t miss shoveling but a little snow to cover the cords out in the Holiday Light Show (HLS) would be nice!  We’ll turn the event on this Thursday for a Business After 5 private event and then the HLS is open to the public this Friday, December 11th (4 pm –  8 pm).  Check out our website at for more information including how to purchase tickets in advance for “express lane entry!”

Big John and Larry H. were here to work on various tasks out in the HLS as we head towards our public opening.  Both guys joined our Garden Development & Maintenance Committee meeting later in the morning which included Ron K., Gary, Maury, Dick P., Christine, Christy, Hal and Iza.  We’re already talking a lot about 2016 too.  Dick H. and Dick P. continued work on repairing one of our pick-up trucks this morning.  We also saw Bev, Kris K., Chuck S., Urban (pruning) and Bill O.

As I’ve been organizing my photos from 2015, I ran across some great new coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides) varieties that I thought I’d share as well.  Above is the variety FlameThrower ‘Chili Pepper’ which is colorful in the container or border.  Observe not only the coloration of the leaves but the leaf shape of all these selections.  These are all full sun coleus as well but good soil, ample watering, fertilizing and pinching back blooms is necessary for the best “look”!

 FlameThrower ‘Spiced Curry’
 FlameThrower ‘Chipotle’
 ColorBlaze ‘Apple Brandy’
 ColorBlaze ‘Velveteen’
 Main Street ‘Dutch Mill Drive’
 PartyTime ‘Lime’
 PartyTime ‘Pink Berry’
 PartyTime ‘Sangria’
 Under the Sea ‘Copper Coral’ (above and below)


 Under the Sea ‘Fish Net’ (above and below)


 TERRA NOVA ‘Marrakesh’ (above and below)