News Flash – Rain Doesn’t Avoid Janesville!


This morning I told the crew to make sure they had all their watering done as the likelihood of rain was slight.  Then this little gem above showed up and dropped down a fierce 1.3″+ in rainfall.  The number of times I see a system like this move North, South or simply part around Janesville is countless.  I’m just glad we received the rain which makes for a less stressful watering regime over the weekend.  We had great help today and continue to fine tune a garden that is at summer peak right now for color.

The grounds staff had a wide range of activities today.  Cindy spent most of her time primping the excellent looking Hummingbird Haven theme in the Nancy Yahr Memorial Children’s Garden.  She also watered and had some other projects including rainy day tidying in the Horticulture Center.  Larry H. worked on primarily weeding and watering and helped with indoor projects as well.  Big John did more pressure washing, set up sprinklers, watered and had myriad other projects as well.  Nolan and Trevor cleaned the pond, watered and had some odds and ends as well.  I was able to get out in the gardens but my plan for herbicide applications was thwarted by the rain.


Molineux® David Austin English rose (Rosa ‘AUSmol’) – woody shrub (fragrant!)


the lighting in the Giant Aquarium looked neat recently


‘Evening Fragrance’ angel’s trumpet (Datura meteloides) – annual


‘Moonsong Deep Orange’ African marigold (Tagetes erecta) – annual


Under the Sea® Bone Fish coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides) – annual


‘Kopper King’ hibiscus (Hibiscus sp.) – perennial


Our volunteer turnout today was quite respectable and lots of work was accomplished.  Kathy (in orange) and Eva (above) did a great job weeding, tidying and planting in the All-America Selections (AAS) garden which we continue to primp almost daily for maximum impact in the entrance garden.  Alan M. and Cheryl D. did an excellent job weeding and tidying in the lower azalea/rhododendron garden.  Ron R. went around and cleaned up all of our garden area signs which was long overdue.  Ron P. and Bob C. finished tidying up the North path and hauled back many loads of debris.  Dr. Gredler did his mowing and Steve worked on many projects including plumbing, sprinkler repair and much more!  Vern, Ron Y. and Jim D. had indoor work and continue to have no shortage of carpentry projects.  Dick H. (directly below) had multiple equipment repairs and Larry also had some projects and finished up the yard watering.  Hal and Doris continue to tidy and maintain their garden section which looks exceptional!  Winifred and Marilyn went out to do some serious weeding and we also saw Maryam and many others today.


Dick H. (above)


Larry (above)


Marilyn (above)


Winifred (above)


Cheryl D. (above)


the Caladium Collection is filling in nicely (above)


‘Tapestry’ caladium (Caladium) – tropical


‘Summer Pink’ caladium (Caladium) – tropical


‘Strawberry Star’ caladium (Caladium) – tropical


”Royal Flush’ caladium (Caladium) – tropical


‘Starburst’ caladium (Caladium) – tropical


‘Crossroads Double Peach’ daylily (Hemerocallis) – perennial


‘Elaine Williams’ daylily (Hemerocallis) – perennial


‘Field of Dreams’ variegated corn (Zea mays) – annual

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