Oodles of Visitors


There were a lot of visitors out in the gardens today!  With the holiday weekend looming and a beautiful weather day (75 degrees F), it was nice to see such a big crowd enjoying the gardens.  Above is a photo from our observation pier to the arched bridge and Russo Family Fountain in the distance.  Unfortunately we missed the promise of rain last night with just a wimpy little spritz hitting the ground after seeing some very promising storm clouds.  Oh well.  We had a great Orientation Dinner for our Home Garden Tour which is coming up on July 16th (get tickets now for $10 at RBG or K&W Greenery!).  This lack of rain necessitated a lot of watering today to get through the weekend which looks like it will be quite pleasant at around 80 degrees F each day.  Everyone was involved with some sort of watering today and we had excellent volunteer help as usual!


‘Palace Purple’ coral bells (Heuchera) looking good between these boulders – perennial


Easy Elegance® Champagne Wishes rose (Rosa ‘BAIcham’) – woody shrub


fairy candles (Actaea racemosa) – perennial


Korean bellflower (Campanula takesimana) – perennial


woolly sage (Salvia argentea) – biennial


Our volunteers continue to improve the gardens daily with both weeding and planting.  Above is Kathy posing with her new friend.  Kathy and Eva (directly below) weeded our “pink border” and moved on to another area.  Kay (second photo down) did a great job weeding along bed that features dahlias.  She won the war against a wide range of weeds that were starting to take over.  Bill O. was in for his mowing rounds and we saw Sondra, Alan, Ellie and others working in the herb garden.  Jan R. was in to tidy up the Scottish garden.  Becky N. also put in some serious time tidying up the rose garden.  At the Horticulture Center, Bev, Bob, Corky, Joan, Joe and Nancy all helped plant our perennial trail beds with Janice.  This was no small undertaking!  We also saw Hal R., Dawn, Victoria, Marcia L., Marcia M. and many others today.


Eva (above)


Kay (above)


Corky and Joan (being a bit too affectionate)


lovebirds Bev (above) and Bob (below)



Nancy and Joe worked right down the line with planting


Becky N. (above)


‘Young Lady’ smokebush (Cotinus coggygria) – woody shrub


Easy Elegance® Grandma’s Blessing rose (Rosa ‘BAIing’) – woody shrub


oakleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) – woody shrub


our Caladium Collection varieties will be planted very soon!