Post Rain Relief


After a couple of “near misses” over the last couple of days for precipitation, we had a nice downpour last night and ended up with over 1″ of rain.  This was enough to really wet things down nicely and we didn’t have to do much watering at all today.  The heat and humidity set in later though and it ended up becoming quite muggy.  Our plants (and weeds) are growing very quickly in this weather and despite the heat, we had a nice turnout of grounds volunteers.  Above is a nice shot of the observation pier in the distance with the zig-zag bridge in the foreground.  The pier has just been re-painted and is very colorful.  The color of the pond concerns me and the aquatic weeds are really settling in nicely.


Our grounds crew kept busy today in the heat.  Janice continued work in the Heirloom Garden.  Big John and Terry worked on improvements in the Giant Aquarium, smoothed paths, watered and sheared more boxwood (Buxus) hedges in the North point garden.  The guys also helped unload a woody plant delivery.  Trevor and Nolan helped clean up after the storm, took down tents (with Alan), removed daffodil (Narcissus) foliage and ended up getting in the water to clean up the floating morass that accumulates down by the gazebo.  I hauled and placed plants most of the day in anticipation of some serious planting over the next three days to include our last Spring Volunteer Planting Day this Saturday, June 18th (8 am – 12 noon, meet at the Horticulture Center).


the Hummingbird Haven theme in the Nancy Yahr Memorial Children’s Garden has many of these “pedestal/urn” containers to entice the hummingbirds! – this one with lantana (Lantana camara)


one of many cartloads that went out today (above)


our raised, accessible planters (one above and two below) are filling in nicely due to excellent planting by our Chestnut House volunteers




Kay and Marv noticed this huge smooth softshell turtle out in the yard heading for parts unknown


Our volunteers today were spectacular as usual.  They are a tough lot to weather this heat – that’s for sure!  Above is Vern putting sea shells on the top of a “Little Library” which will feature the book “Life in a Coral Reef” by Wendy Pfeffer.  This book is interpreted in our new Giant Aquarium (photos below) which seems to be a huge hit.  This Little Library will be positioned right outside the entrance to the Giant Aquarium.  The good news is that Vern already glued on 60 sea shells…the bad news is that he has 173 to go….Our weeding and tidying team included Kathy, Eva and Kay.  Kay focused on multiple areas and Eva did some planting as well.  Mary, Myrt and Patty came in for some serious planting in the heat and did a great job.  Alan M. helped take down tents and did some serious tidying along the frontage road (Palmer Drive).  Terry, John and Linda worked in the Nancy Yahr Memorial Childrens’ Garden.  Marv worked on his moss areas, helped tidy paths and did some work with the end loader (see below).  Jan R. was in to weed in the Scottish garden.  We also saw Janet, Maury (errands), Gary, Deb C. and many others.


Kathy (above) with the expression of “Are you lookin’ at me!?”


Eva (above) was buried in amaranths before planting


Mary, Patty and Myrt (left to right)


Marv (above) is seen loading up the truck


Debbie and Josef Braeu (Edelweiss Nursery, Duluth, MN) delivered some treasures today!


the Giant Aquarium is intriguing from both the outside and inside!



‘Claude Shride’ Martagon lily (Lilium martagon) – perennial


pot marigold (Calendula officinalis) in the Heirloom Garden


come see our 27 awesome Hummingbird Art Projects throughout the gardens!