Progress Continues

The photo above is from my own ‘Seven Sisters’ rose (Rosa) at home which is always beautiful for the short amount of time that it blooms in June.  Our roses at the gardens are starting to bloom as well and the heat we had today should push a lot of plants along from Spring to Summer!  We had another monumental day at the gardens as it relates to volunteerism and work accomplished.  When our Horticulture Center parking lot is brimming with vehicles, I always know there is lots going on and Thursdays have typically been our best for volunteerism out in the gardens.  It was also a busy day out in the gardens with many young participants enjoying our Youth Education Program experience.  Below are some shots from this morning.

 ‘Sun Kissed’ downy phlox (Phlox pilosa) – perennial
 ‘Rohanii’ purple European beech (Fagus sylvatica)
‘Hartlage Wine’ sweetshrub (Calycanthus x raulstonii)

I would need to write a short novella to capture all the volunteers and their accomplishments today.  These photos capture just some of the diverse activities like edging (Ron R. and Ron P. above)…  Other activities included watering, planting, painting, carpentry projects, mowing, weeding, etc.  I’ve labeled the photos but special thanks to Ron R., Ron P., Larry H., Alan M., Bob T., Pat M., Kathy P., Eva, Sandi, Mary R., Bonnie, Peg L., Marilyn H., Suzie, Vicky, Jumbo Jim, Dr. Gredler, Rollie, Cheryl D., Polly,  Maury F., Kay F., Bob K., Dick H., Vern, Dave, Jim D., Ron Y., Art H., Joel R., Mary Ann G., Hal, Doris, Gary S., Janet M. and many volunteers from the Chestnut House.

The grounds staff had a busy day as usual.  Larry ran irrigation, mowed, watered and put on the hip boots to clear out the water movers on the pond.  Big John hauled out containers, hanging baskets, watered and went on a fruitful plant run.  Janice helped with volunteers throughout the day and put some serious time in to continuing the planting in the Thomas Jefferson Collection.  I hauled plants around, watered and surprisingly didn’t hardly sit down at the desk!  More photos below!

Larry (left) and Alan M. skimming off bulb foliage and old mulch in the rose garden
Marilyn was back in action (above)
Our Grumpettes planted the entire terrace this morning and moved on to weeding
Suzie above with her beautiful smile
Vicky above planting but she did so much more…
Mary Ann G. above
planting progress in the terrace seen above
 ‘Cherries Jubilee’ hybrid false indigo (Baptisia hybrida) – Decadence Series
 ‘Lemon Meringue’ hybrid false indigo (Baptisia hybrida) – Decadence Series
 ‘Blueberry Sundae’ hybrid false indigo (Baptisia hybrida) – Decadence Series
Oriental poppies (Papaver orientale) and ornamental onions (Allium)