Progressively Nicer Day!

Nice shot above of Snow Fountains® weeping cherry (Prunus hybrida ‘Snowfozam’).  We thought we’d have a mostly sunny day but we had about a half day of drizzle, rain and wind this morning.  The day did become sunny and warmed up nicely though.  The day consisted of lots of gardening, two broken water lines, two plant deliveries with associated unloading duties,  a delivery of limestone and much more!  Grounds staff included Cindy, Larry H., Bobby K. and myself.  Our volunteers included Kathy P., Dr. Gredler, Bill O., Vern, Jenny, Lloyd, Kristin, Marcia L., Mirjam, Bev and some others.  We also saw Janice, Mike, Becky and many others.  It was a long week so I’ve offered a limited diatribe here.  Busy week next week preparing for the Spring Plant Sale and keeping up out in the gardens!

Spring Wonder™ Sargent cherry (Prunus sargentii ‘Hokkaido Normandale’) – woody tree

redbud (Cercis canadensis) above is just starting up! – woody tree

‘PJM’ rhododendron (Rhododendron sp.) – woody shrub

Prairie Gem® flowering pear (Pyrus ussuriensis ‘MorDak’) above and below – woody tree

neat Garden Art Project above and three below from artist (and RBG volunteer) Cathy E. – come see all 30 frogs starting next weekend and on display until early September

‘Foxy Foxtrot’ tulip (Tulipa) – bulb

‘Dreamworld’ tulip (Tulipa) – bulb

‘Fire of Love’ tulip (Tulipa) – bulb

‘Jaap Groot’ tulip (Tulipa) – bulb

‘Prinses Irene’ tulip (Tulipa) – bulb

‘Mascotte’ tulip (Tulipa) – bulb

‘Happy Upstar’ tulip (Tulipa) – bulb

‘Marianne’ tulip (Tulipa) – bulb