Quick Visit to OBG

I had a presentation at Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, WI yesterday.  I loved the entry pots (directly above) with the creative use of fresh “trimmings” from the garden. It was interesting that I presented about Rotary Botanical Gardens for a big professional group of Madisonians (while at Olbrich!).  Of course I promoted both gardens but was encouraged to hear that many folks will be visiting us in Janesville as a result of my awesome presentation.  🙂  I took the time to tour Olbrich which is in the midst of all the same activities that we are at RBG, including cutting grasses, pruning, tidying, etc.  There is always something to see and some of the highlights are included in this blog.  As I type on this Friday, the weather today and through the weekend looks damp and cold and very “un-Spring-like”!  I only say Bobby K., Urban, Bill O., Dr. Gredler and Rollie today.  Despite the weather, we hope to have a busy Bagged Compost & Pansy Sale tomorrow (8 am – 12 noon).  We also have Volunteer Training for our tour guides, garden ambassadors and Sunday watering crews.

I love these grape vine (Vitis sp.) spheres!

one of their many gravel gardens is coming to life (above)

‘Swizzle Stick’ willow (Salix) trimmings used for a cool vine tower!

snowdrops (Galanthus sp.) in the meadow garden (above)

crocus (Crocus sp.) and other bulbs coming up in the meadow gardens (above and below)

striped squill (Puschkinia libanotica) and Siberian squill (Scilla siberica)

neat bark (and form) of the China Snow® Peking lilac (Syringa pekinensis ‘Morton’)

these switch grasses (Panicum virgatum) in the distance still catch the eye!

climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris) gripping nicely (above)