Road Trip – Day 2

If you ever find yourself driving across South Dakota, make the stop at Badlands National Park as it is awesome.  I enjoyed the flora of this region and recognized quite a bit.  The Visitor’s Center had some great information on the plants of this area and we picked up a book on this topic too.  This was my second trip through this unique landscape with the family and we enjoyed it immensely.  Tomorrow we’ll head down to Cheyenne and stop by the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens and shoot down through Colorado.  Should have more to share but pretty “tuckered out” after all the hiking in 90 degrees F.  Lots of fun though.  RBG is in good hands with our talented grounds staff and dedicated volunteers I’m sure!!!


 snow-on-mountain (Euphorbia marginata)


Glad there wasn’t a rattlesnake near the sign and my beautiful daughters!