The Smell of Spruce in the Air!

It was a very busy day at the gardens (and off site too) with preparations for the Holiday Light Show (HLS) in full motion.  Ten of us headed off early to Sunset Acres Tree Farm in Stoughton, WI where the generosity of Dwight and Deb continued with them donating trees for us to cut and utilize in our HLS display.  I believe this is the fifth year in a row they’ve done this….go buy your holiday trees from their excellent tree farm.  The rain last night made this a bit messy and all of us were soaked through but the crew (seen below) made quick work of cutting and loading over 60 spruce (Picea sp.) trees and some firs (Abies).  We took four trucks and three trailers and made it back without losing a tree!  We all smelled like a fresh spruce air freshener upon our return.

The gardens were in good hands with Cindy, Larry O., Terry and Larry H. continuing with HLS preparations.  LP Tree Service was in today to start hanging some of our icicle lights as well.  I actually didn’t make it in to the gardens today but know that our volunteers of Kathy, Eva, Lloyd, Kristin (and others I’ve missed) did a great job out in the gardens.  Vern, Jim and Steve had carpentry projects and both Dr. Gredler and Rollie mowed.  Maury ran errands and we also saw Lisa I., Bill O., Dave K. and others.  It was a very busy day but a lot of work was accomplished.

The crew above (left to right) was Bobby K., Curt H., Dick H., Bob K., Steve E., John (in back), Dwight (foreground…owner), Alan M., Garrett and Dennis (in the chaps).

Steve (left) and Garrett

Bobby K. (driving)

Dennis (above), along with Dick H. and Bobby K., made quick work of the cutting