Successful Volunteer Work Day

I was a bit surprised by the rain last night and was worried that volunteers might avoid our first volunteer work Saturday due to mud and/or the overcast skies.  Well, we had a great turnout and planted exactly everything I had placed out on Friday (and a bit more!).  Our focus was the reception garden, sunken garden and some tropicals near the Giant Aquarium.  Thanks to Big John and Janice for helping facilitate as well as both Larry O. and Bill taking care of some other business around the gardens. These days involve more than planting.  There is the tidying component, watering, labels, recycling plastics, cleaning tools and ultimately keeping everything running smoothly.  Mary Kay and Alan ran the Compost/Pansy Sale and the Janesville Area Herb Society had a meeting and work morning as well.  We also saw Marcia L., Dr. Gredler, Maury and Barb C. today.  However, our excellent, volunteer planters included Tina, Sue, Lily, Kath, Heather, Donna, Nicole, Marv, Brian, Mike, Hal, Dorris, Bonnie, Elaine, Gena, Patti and Barb.

Tina B. (above)

Bonnie S. (above)

Hal and Doris (the “Dangerous Duo”)

Marv (my father-in-law) sitting down on the job

Kath M. (above)

Sue (left) and Lily

Barb S. (above)