Successful Work Day

The weather was perfect for a successful Volunteer Work Day this morning which included planting in two distinct areas.   We planted most of the “Alphabet Jungle Garden” and the majority of the reception garden.  A big thanks to Dejanique, Carol S., Jim S., Barb, Mandy, Carol #2, Andrea, Mary W., Shirley, Aubrey, Gary, Gena, Dennis, Chuck, Vera, Eva, Margaret, Karen M., John (with his sons Zack &Taylor) and Bill O.  Alan M. and Pat C. ran the Compost Sale at the Horticulture Center with some set-up help from Janice. Rose and Urban were at the gardens for more sanding and priming on the observation pier and Karen M. was also in the Japanese garden tidying up.  There was an early wedding in that garden space (before noon) with three more to follow out in the gardens that day.  We also saw Dr. Gredler, Dr. Yahr, Lynn Y. and many others today.  A big thank you to Terry, Gary, Larry and Bill for helping orchestrate this successful day.