Sunshine Abounds for Pre-Sale


Today was a nice warm day (84 degrees F) with plenty of action at the Members Only Spring Plant Sale over at the Horticulture Center.  Above is our cutest customer of the day as this young lady was smitten by the sedum selection!  We saw very busy action at the pre-sale this morning with a steady flow of customers for the remainder of the day.  Because this pre-sale is a benefit (one of many) for RBG Members, we had Chris and Maryam (seen below, left to right) on site to accept new memberships and renewals.  Polly was a huge help with the sale as was Janice, who continues to be the “organized rock” that we all come to depend on every year.  We have a great team.  We had a wonderful assortment of volunteers (two shifts) helping throughout the day with the checkout, customer service, compost loading, etc.  We also had Eva out in the gardens doing some tidying.  While I’ll likely not remember all of our excellent volunteers from today, including members of the Janesville Area Herb Society, they were an energetic and much appreciated group.  Cindy, Big John,Terry and Larry H. had grounds related duties as well. It was a busy day but we look forward to the next two days of the sale as well (9 am – 4 pm at the Horticulture Center).  We still have a wide assortment of tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, eggplants, 60 varieties of herbs, daylily divisions from the garden, perennials for sun to shade, shrubs and so much more.  It should be a great weekend, particularly if Mother Nature is kind to us as well.


RBG employees Chris D. (left) and Maryam P. workin’ the Membership Booth

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Our awesome volunteer, Kathy (above) brought her little boy who was visiting from Oklahoma

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Left to right…El, Mary D. and Elaine S.

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IMG_5228 - Copy

Above, left to right, Elsa and Bonnie C.

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Dick and Marilyn H. (above) modeling the finest in garden offerings for your home landscape

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Becky N. (above)

IMG_5234 - Copy

Kay (above) organized the Bell Pepper / Hot Pepper / Basil greenhouse like a master puppeteer