Tagging Team Success


Today was one of our busiest Wednesdays by far!  We had lots of activity out in the gardens as well as at the Horticulture Center with preparations for the Spring Plant Sale continuing in earnest.  Our RBG Members Only Pre-Sale starts this Friday (9 am – 4 pm) where members get “first dibs” and a 10% discount over the duration of the sale.  Folks can actually sign up to become Members that day (even at the sale) and start shopping right away!  The sale then runs both Saturday and Sunday from 9 am – 4 pm at the Horticulture Center (follow the signs off of Palmer Drive).  We spent a good portion of the day organizing, tagging and pricing a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, perennial, shrubs, etc.  I think this sale has the most variety yet.  See our website at rotarygardens.wpengine.com for more information on this fundraising event.

Above is Bonnie who was one of many volunteers that helped out today with the plant sale preparations.  Below are some additional photos of our excellent plant sale team which included Bill, Sandy, Don, Pearl, Sandi, Joy, Barb, Bev, Joe, Alan and Sandy (#3).  Dick P., Dick H. and Jim did a great job putting up more of the Giant Aquarium panels.  Eva, Cheryl D., Marv B., Patty and Myrt all were involved with gardening activities.  Jenny was in to work on labels and we also saw Maryam, Maury, Marsha M. and many others.  We also had our irrigation contractor repairing our system which needed lots of help.  We had some deliveries today as well.  Big John, Cindy, Janice and Larry all had a wide range of activities which included lots of plant sale work, composting, planting, etc.  In fact, all the grounds crew had roles in helping get ready for this fundraising event.  The team did great today and the overall productivity and organization was amazing today.  We’ll have a repeat of that tomorrow as we finish preparations.





‘Mariette’ tulip (Tulipa)


‘Purple Dream’ tulip (Tulipa)


‘Banja Luka’ tulip (Tulipa)

IMG_5165 - Copy

‘Purple Star Power’ magnolia (Magnolia hybrida)


Patty (left) and Myrt did a great job tidying/weeding a large path and weeded in other locations as well


Dr. Gredler continues to do a great job painting (when he’s not mowing!)


Marv continues to fine tune the moss gardens which are looking excellent


while we miss Cheryl D. as a grounds member, we get the benefit of her smile and skills as a volunteer


above (left to right) are Dick P., Jim and Dick H. hauling more Giant Aquarium panels for installation


Eva was a weeding wizard today


with a little help from Dawn, Victoria is doing a great job hoeing in the future Heirloom Garden


Donna, blind from birth, continues to enjoy her volunteer experience at the garden (neat lady!)


above is one of Marv B.’s back up moss patches for filling in gaps (courtesy of Dale S.)


the side walls for the Giant Aquarium are going up nicely (90% done!)


‘Princeton Gold’ Norway maple (Acer platanoides)


the West entrance in the the Japanese garden was inviting today