The HLS “Continues”!

Although the Holiday Light Show (HLS) is officially over for visitors, the long process of taking down the show continues on a daily basis.  These images, taken this morning, show some of the lights and cords that end up back at the Horticulture Center for processing.  Larry H., Larry O., Big John and Cindy are leading the charge as grounds staff with retrieval, processing and storage. We’ve had recent (and significant) help with this process from Bill O., Dennis J., Alan M. and many others with more volunteers trickling in for this three month process.  Ron P. had “re-started” his efforts with lights repairs.  We test everything before it is stored which allows for proactive repairs and saved time next fall when everything comes out again.  Recent mild weather has been nice for getting out in the gardens but we certainly realize that winter isn’t over yet!


the C7 lights seen above (and two photos below) are what we use in the milk jug luminaries seen directly below


Ron’s Repair Nook (above) with pending repairs (below)