Three of Six – Success!


We had a great turnout this morning under overcast skies for our Volunteer Planting Work Day.  The photos here show some of the highlights of our planting day which included Sue, (above on the ladder) Gary (above), Alan, Hal, Doris, Vera, Becky, Brian, Dan, Kathy, Maggie and her daughter, Mary, Gena, Donna, Pat, Pete, Leslie and probably some folks I missed mentioning!  We had help from Bill, Tina and Larry while Dennis ran the bagged compost sale.  Big John and Janice were again instrumental in keeping everything on track as we planted in the Nancy Yahr Memorial Children’s Garden (Hummingbird Haven theme) and the reception garden.   We also saw Vern, Dave and many others today.  Special thanks to everyone involved today in our third of six sequential work days.  Come help out over the next three Saturdays (June 4, June 11 and June 18) from 8 am until noon for plenty of planting!


Alan (above) was a planting machine


Gena (above) always has a nice smile


Dan & Becky (above) were a great duo


Janice (above) is always muggin’ for the camera


Vera (above) is a veteran volunteer