Under the Sea at Olbrich

Due to some recent vehicle issues I had to spend the day on the road heading 2.5 hours in one direction to come back 2.5 hours in the other… In between though, I stopped by Olbrich Botanical Gardens (Madison, WI) and took in their Under the Sea Flower Show.  It was exceptional!  I encourage everyone to visit soon as it only runs through March 25th (10 am until 4 pm daily).  There is a nominal cost ($) but it is worth it!  They have some very creative staff that put this together and while Olbrich has always had great spring shows, the last couple of years have “raised the bar!”.  I was able to spend about 3 hours at work today and saw lots of action with staff (Larry H., Larry O. and Bobby K.) as well as crossing paths with Bill O., Dave K., Myrt, Nancy, Gena and many others.  I’m sure I missed seeing some other volunteers but with the warm weather, we’re actively gardening as we finish up bringing in and packing away the Holiday Light Show (HLS).  Great teamwork!

it’s an octopus! (above)