Winding Down In Heavy Winds

With the exception of a couple small problems and future alterations, the 2015 Holiday Light Show (HLS) is up and ready to roll.  I took the photo above as I was running cords today and have always liked this hummingbird sculpture.  Oddly enough, we’ll have a Humminbird Haven theme next year in the Nancy Yahr Memorial Children’s Garden.  We had another test night this evening and it looked great.  The grounds staff (John, Terry, Cindy, Larry H. and Bob K.) spent the day tweaking some components of the show and putting the final touches on some of the details.  We’ll do the same tomorrow and Friday as the HLS will premiere as part of the Taste of Chocolate this Saturday which I believe is sold out (don’t take my word for it though and call to check on that!).  Our garden volunteerism slows this time of year but we did have some nice help and once the morning rain abated, we headed out in the soggy and very windy garden.  There are still some neat things to look at out there too!

 fall color on bloody cranesbill (Geranium sanguineum) looking good above – perennial
 the stubborn leaves of ‘Gold Rush’ variegated weigela (Weigela florida) haven’t fallen yet and still look great!
 fall color on fernleaf buckthorn (Rhamnus frangula ‘Asplenifolia’)
 Italian arum (Arum italicum) likes to send out foliage in late summer too

Dr. Gredler (above) worked on putting primer on some of our new Adirondack chairs (being sold at the Cottage Garden Gallery).  Bill O. was a big help with collecting garbage and other duties specifically related to the HLS.  Stan K. was in to size up an approach for protecting some of the remaining choice specimens in the Japanese garden and Jumbo Jim brought in four RECAPPERS and they did an excellent job with composting, processing plants for the winter and garden clean-up.  Urban was back in action for more tree pruning near the gazebo.  We also saw Maury, Gary, Pat M., Joe and many others today too.

‘Running Tapestry’ foamy bells (xHeucherella) – perennial
 fall color of the Judd viburnum (Viburnum x juddii) – woody shrub
‘Honey Rose’ coral bells (Heuchera) – perennial